Master of the Order

Master of the Order was a title which had existed within the Old Jedi Order for much of its history, representing the elected leader of the Jedi High Council. Appointment of this position was reserved to the High Council’s sitting members, with a unanimous vote needed to name a new leader. While not always the case, the Jedi Grand Master was frequently named leader of the Jedi High Council.

While many Masters have held the title over the history of the Jedi, only a few names are remembered by historians. The earliest named Master of the Order was the Jenet Grand Master Fae Coven, who was appointed head of the Jedi High Council and held the position for several centuries, meeting her future successor, Yoda, before her death.

Master Mace Windu held the title during the last years of the Republic’s Golden Age, stepping down after the Battle of Geonosis so as to take a more active role in the Clone Wars. Grand Master Yoda took up the title in Windu’s absence, as he was remaining on Coruscant to serve as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s chief military adviser. At the end of the war, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine revealed himself as a Dark Lord of the Sith and ordered the disbanding of the Order. With the High Council dissolved and Grand Master Yoda in exile, the term fell out of use for several decades.

Before his death, the exiled Grand Master Yoda helped Luke Skywalker complete his training as a Jedi; Skywalker would eventually rebuild the Order, yet he did not form a Council until several years later.

Leading the Order he built for many years, Skywalker was held responsible for the actions of the Jedi-turned-Sith Jacen Solo by the Galactic Alliance government.

Master of the Order

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